Small Round Basket

This intricately crafted, hogla leaf basket is handmade from natural fibre. Each basket is crafted with love and is unique. Versatile indoors or out, as a centre piece for fruit or flowers, and makes a great gift.

Measuring approx 29 cms diameter at the rim and 18 cms at the base.

The hogla leave (Typha elephantina Roxb) is a plant grown in the mangroves and tidal forests of Bangladesh. Hogla leaves are traditionally dried and woven into mats, bedding, storage and even walling.

Made by Artisan Talent, a fair trade organisation in Bangladesh dedicated to creating handicraft employment for poor and disadvantaged people. Training is provided to producers to improve their skills and increase opportunities for employment. Most of the artisans are women and advanced payments are provided to the producers to enable the purchase of raw materials.


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