Hemp Nut Milk Bag

Made in Queensland by two passionate, eco-minded mums using quality hemp fabric. No dyes, bleaches, softeners or synthetics are used in the fabric, threads or drawstring. The hemp fabric and cotton thread are manufactured in a Global Organic Textile Standard certified factory (GOTS).

Hemp is naturally resistant to bacteria and this bag is finely woven, producing smooth pulp-free nut milk. This bag can also be used for cheese making, sprouting grains, straining sauces, juices and broths. It is vegan, biodegradable and compostable. 

Each bag comes wrapped in carbon neutral, biodegradable and home compostable packaging with user guide included, printed on post-consumer, recycled and biodegradable paper.

Composition100% hemp fabric with 100% cotton sewing threads and drawstring

Measuring approximately 24cm x 27 cm (may vary slightly due to handmade nature)

Sewn in Australia from imported fabric, to ensure quality and care.

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