Hemp Collapsible Bowl

Featured in Organic Gardener Magazine, this collapsible bowl is hand made from 100% hemp twine. Measuring 21cm x 10cm when expanded but soft and pliable enough to fold up and stick in your back pocket on the way to the vegetable patch. Perfect for travel and camping, beautiful in the kitchen. 

Hemp is one of the strongest and most durable natural fibres. It can be grown quickly in a couple of months, without herbicides or pesticides and uses a fraction of water compared to cotton, making it a super sustainable material. Hemp is also naturally mildew resistant and antibacterial.

This is a fair trade product, created in Bangladesh by Bagdha Enterprise. The women artisans work in teams in their homes to hand spin the hemp twine. This natural fibre is then crafted into a unique variety of products, with outstanding design and craftsmanship.

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