Sayonara Springtime

October 09, 2015

So... I'm a bit of a nerd about wildflowers! Our home town of Esperance, in Western Australia, is right in the thick of some exciting wildflower action…read more

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Our Pics, Posts and Tags of 2014

January 04, 2015

So the sun sets on an awesome year and 2015 is brimming with possibilities. Through 2014, our E'phy followers have browsed our blogs, shared our social, mailed us fabulous snaps of their newly opened Ecolosophy goodies and so much more - you are simply beautiful human beings. Here's a snippet of our wonderful first year in business with our favourite pics, posts and tags...

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Sweet Memories

September 03, 2014

Think back to your sweetest childhood memories... I remember my dad cultivating a corner of our backyard and growing what I thought was impossibly tall corn, we planted the seeds and watched them grow until the plants soared into the sky, the flowers opened and did the dance of pollination in the wind followed not long after by the formation of fruit which we patiently waited for. Dad would whisper "not yet...not yet" until finally one day..."now" and we had permission to peel back the husks and bite into the sweetest juiciest corn ever grown on planet earth (or our part of the planet anyway).

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