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January 04, 2015

by Rose

So the sun sets on an awesome year and 2015 is brimming with possibilities. Throughout 2014, our followers have browsed our blogs, shared our social, mailed us fabulous snaps of their newly opened Ecolosophy goodies and so much more - you are beautiful eco humans! Here's a snippet of our wonderful first year in business through our favourite pics, posts and tags...

Ecolosophy is open!

Ta daaaaaah! We launch in April - on a mission to grow our thriving little social enterprise offering beautiful things for a better world. We've spent months building our website, snapping thousands of photos and tweaking our graphics and we're finally there…yey! #weareopen

Egg hunt and garlic planted for Anzac Day

We roll into autumn in the Ecolosophy Patch. Garlic is lovingly planted around Anzac Day -Tanya's in early and I'm in late (of course, we're a perfect yin and yang). We're getting savvier on social and I'm convinced Tanya's already a bone fide Instagram addict…#EcolosophyPatch

Getting friendly with the worms on Permaculture Day

As self confessed eco-nerds we love getting our hands dirty and hanging out with the worms for Permaculture Day. Then we fail miserably with the green tomato chutney this year - it's an awesome recipe but beware not to leave the stove unattended…#greentomatochutney 

WA Day holiday

As we hit the start of winter, the Ecolosophy Shop is growing, now full of hundreds of 'eco-products' to help change our world for the better. Our fairtade, natural jute baskets fly out the door as quick as we get them in. We catch the last of the sunny days with some happy camping and celebrate WA Day with promos of our WA made products

Plastic Free July is on!

July is one of our favourite months - it's Plastic Free July and we love it! We ditch the majority of single use plastic invading our lives but you have to be mighty vigilant - the stuff is everywhere! Having an eco shop stacked full of plastic free home and kitchen wares comes in darn handy - we kitted out with lunchbots, water bottles and one of my all time favourite products…our beeswax and hemp food wraps that have banished cling film for good…#PlasticFreeJuly

Planting and hugging trees for National Tree Day

I also get a tad excited in July because it's National Tree Day and tree planting season is ahoy. This year I planted trees with other volunteers from the Landcare group I'm involved with, along with local students. We planted hundreds of trees along empty road verges and I whacked a few more trees in the ground in the Ecolosophy Patch too (they're coming along just nicely now…) #plantatree

Tales of Trees

You may have noticed that our world of Ecolosophy is filled with nature - we so happen to live in a spot on the planet that is simply bursting with bio-diversity. During August, we ran a 'Tales of Trees' campaign on social, sharing images of our favourite trees from our rather specky backyard. We also hung out in the Ecolosophy Patch with a Tea Tonic brew or two and a flick through the delightful Earth Garden magazine. On the dark winter nights we bash out blog material and I procrastinate with the Ecolosophy bookwork (as usual). #welovetrees

Wildflower season

September arrives (yippee! we adore the colder winter weather) but it's far but gloomy. Wildflower season erupts and we share our flowery snaps across social. We have our first guest blogger join us too for a virtual chat…it's the gorgeous Brydie from CityHippyFarmGirl - do check out her foodie blog, it's deeeelish…#cityhippyfarmgirl

Spring is in the air

Before we catch our breath, we saunter into spring…October and we've been open for six months, the Ecolosophy word is spreading far and wide…yikes! We get awesome feedback from our customers and have a loyal bunch of regulars. Tanya's experimenting in the kitchen with recipes for our spring and summer blogs. Over at my place, the chooks are getting clucky whilst I'm getting us lined up for summer season silliness at the Ecolosophy Shop…#chooksandducks

Garlic out, kombucha on the brew and gifts gathered

The Ecolosophy Shop is in full swing during November with customers grabbing early Christmas gifts. The garlic comes out around Remembrance Day (Tanya's out early, I'm out late...of course) and we're getting into the kombucha craze. We stumbled upon a great book called True Brews which has a bevy of fine ferments to experiment with. You will get hooked.

Brown paper packages, tied up with string...

The Christmas craziness begins…we launch our 'Brown Paper Packages' promo for Christmas featuring our recycled gift wrapping handiness…#brownpaperpackages #tiedupwithstring

The end of the year is nigh and I get an early chrissy pressie - two silver appleyard ducklings named Flotz 'n' Jetz. They're super slater munchers and provide endless entertainment when needing a distraction from the hustle and bustle of the shop (and that bookwork). We were super proud to lend a hand to the Secrets at Sunrise Pozible fundraising campaign by featuring guest blogger, filmmaker Jennene Riggs on our Random Bites. The campaign raised a whopping $25,000 thanks to your support in getting it out there…did we tell you you guys are awesome?

And there you go...

That was our snippet of Ecolosophy in the year that was 2014. So what can you look forward to at Ecolosophy in 2015? Well look out for our Ecolosophy features in the summer edition of Peppermint Magazine…oh la la...

Peppermint Magazine press

And our feature in the ethical gifts guide in the summer edition of ABC Organic Gardener Magazine...

Organic Gardener Magazine ethical gift guide feature

And of course, you can catch Tanya's regular feature 'Herbanisation' in the lovely Earth Garden Magazine

And we'll have so much more wholesome, green stuff including ripper guest blogs…we'd love you to stay with us for the journey. But for now, there's a never-ending tomato glut to get through…I've been recommended to try the CWA tomato relish, apparently simple but sublime, so better get to it.

Thank you and a happy new year 2015 folks from Tanya and Rose xox

Summer tomato frenzy!

Dedicated to all our family and friends.

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Ellen Gude
Ellen Gude

January 04, 2015

Congratulations ladies on a fabulous year. Looking forward to 2015.

Ing Reils
Ing Reils

January 04, 2015

Loved this synopsis of your 2014. You girls have achieved so much – I am so fond of this blog and your shop – I loved the things I bought from there. I will be re-visiting throughout this year. I hope it is a wonderful one for you and I look forward to learning more from you x


January 04, 2015

Thanks girls for an awesome year of Ecolosophy. Yes with Xmas and New Year out the way, its time to get serious in the preserving of our beautiful glut of Spring Vegies. I started making Tomato Sauce years ago and discovered I did not need to buy out of season green apples to bulk out my sauce but with a glut of Zucchini I replaced the apples with them and my sauce turned out perfect. Have a great summer Ladies!!

Julie andrew
Julie andrew

January 04, 2015

Awesome job girls, love all that you do!

David Hatter
David Hatter

January 04, 2015

Hi Tanya, Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy 2015.

My success story at Christmas time came after a big disappointment. Nearly all my apricots fell victom of fruit fly but, thanks to a friend who generously gave my some I was able to make cumquat/apricot marmalade. It would not be to everyones taste because I only used 160 gms. of sugar per kilo of fruit. I try to avoid using sugar whenever possible.
Thank you for your interesting Ecolosophy emails and I look forward to the quarterly editions of Earth Garden this year.
Cheers, David Hatter

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