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September 17, 2014

We are uber excited to introduce you to our very first guest blogger Brydie Piaf (AKA cityhippyfarmgirl) We first discovered her in the new Earth Garden Magazine, then we stumbled upon her blog, loved it, subscribed and have been merrily devouring it since. Brydie is a city girl with hippy tendencies and farm girl aspirations… her blog is about trying to live a simple life, city style. She is a keen locavore who embraces real food, making stuff, green living, permaculture and rather a lot of sourdough. Despite living with three small kids in a small city unit deep in the concrete jungle, with quiet grace and gentle humour, she creates an oasis of calm in a chaotic world. Here, she sits down for a little cyber chat with Ecolosophy.


What motivated you to embrace the locavore movement? 

You know what I'm not sure. I think it just sort of snuck up on me. I started reading, becoming more aware of where our food was coming from, what was going into our meals and the true cost of what it all really meant. One reading led to another and years down the track I find myself here. It's an evolving process- and I do what I can, when I can. 

Describe your kitchen or the kitchen you grew up in

Can I tell you my dream kitchen instead? It's got a great big bench space, stools on the other side where people can sit, talk while I cook and they are not in the way. It's got a 50's retro colour theme happening through out, and light, oh so much light always seeping through the big open window. (Except for a darkened pantry corner where I keep all my fermented goodies.) Through that same open window, there's the sound of my kids playing outside and the soft scent of summer drifting in. Tomatoes are growing and the herbs are threatening to take on jungle status. Dinner options out there, they are a plenty. Ahhh, wouldn't that be bliss!

What does your weekly shop entail? What are your staples, where or how do you acquire them?

One thing I adore about living in the city is my weekly delivered vegetable box. It's all organic or spray free and sourced from local farms. It makes life just a tiny bit easier having that delivered to my back door like magic once a week. Bulk bags of flour are also a necessity, (strong bakers flour and wholemeal spelt.) I make rather a lot of bread which means we go through a LOT of flour.

If one thing could change about your area to enhance your locavore lifestyle, what would it be.

    More community gardens. Can you imagine if the city had a little community garden every few blocks for people to utilise and share within? would be so good!

    You’re on death row …. Why are you there and what do you request for your final meal?

      Lobster spaghetti and Lemon Meringue pie. I had this amazing lobster dish once in an unforgettable night in Italy many, many moons ago and have never been game to try it since as the memory is so precious. For dessert Lemon Meringue Pie will always, always win in the dessert stakes for me. I wrote a post last year on a 'Lemon Meringue Pie to die for'...really, I suspect that I'm sitting on death row because of something to do with that damned pie!

      Brydie has taken it upon herself to do an Eat Local Challenge... no mean feat for a mum of three small kiddos but none the less, she aims to really know where her food is coming from for at least one meal a month. You can check out her progress here. Maybe you could try it too. Just how local is local? Well this depends entirely on you. Only you know how you and your family eat. Raise the bar just a little from what you already do. If making sure the majority of your meal includes solely food produced in your country, than make that your challenge. If you want to make it a little trickier, go for produced in the same state…trickier still within 160km.

      You can subscribe to the cityhippyfarmgirl blog here, like her page on Facebook, follow her on Instagram (highly recommended if you don't mind a little bread porn in your feed) and check out her boards on Pinterest. You'll also find her in Earth Garden Magazine this month saving the world with jam.

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      September 21, 2014

      Sounds just like your kitchen Tans! Hmmm food for thought…I’m inspired to do the Eat Local Challenge once a month too – should be much easier to do where I live 50 steps from the ocean,with farm land all around!!

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