Goodbye summertime, helloooo winter

April 13, 2014

Tragedy struck today when I accidentally cremated the last of my heirloom tomatoes. Each year as summer draws to a close, I remove the last of the tomatoes from the dying plants and make green tomato relish for the coming year. It's a tradition and I start getting orders for green tomato relish from the family long before the seeds are even sown. Green tomato relish is the only way that my other half will eat tomatoes (just quietly, I reckon it's the only reason I'm allowed any real estate in the patch for them at all). It's one of those rituals, y'know, my goodbye to summertime I suppose and this time, I got distracted and I completely stuffed it up. If you happen to find yourself with a bucket of unripe tomatoes to do something with, here is my recipe for Green Tomato Relish and I highly recommend that you don't wander off and start rifling through seed packets (or something) at step 5.

Anyhoo... after packing my sterilised jars and labels back in the cupboard and sullenly ditching the burnt slop in the chookyard, I stopped mourning the end of summer and decided to be happy (because it's good for my health) and started thinking about what I'm looking forward to in the coming seasons.

  • Rain, sweet beautiful wet rain. I'm a pluvophile from waaaay back and it's been a long dry summer. 
  • Lovely lush vegie beds lined with rows of deep green broccoli, cabbages, silverbeet, beetroot, carrots, peas, potatoes and beans.
  • Long boots, luxurious scarves, wooly jumpers, cozy hats and I've got an awesome new winter coat I'm just dying to try out. 
  • Fire, our only source of heating and it pulls people towards it, is far more engaging than TV, invites conversation and yet makes silences comfortable.
  • No flies, no mozzies, no snakes (or not so many anyway) makes it so much more inviting to get outside, get dirty and weed some of the more farflung corners of the yard.

What do you look forward to the most about cooler weather?



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April 17, 2014

I love the open fire down near the back shed on your property .. firing up an old fashioned seafood chowder on the coals and enjoying the fabulous company … Bring on winter!


April 14, 2014

Practically all of the above…especially wearing boots…no more cracked heels from wearing flip flops for so long,,eeewww!!!

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